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From the ground up: Mound of Dirt project

Follow the link below to ‘Adelaide tweet’ where Angela McDonlad Booth, a dance writer, has written an article for Billie Cooke’s dance project in collaboration with TCL. A ‘TiCkLing’ project in the making! Stay tuned…

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Parking Day 2011

Parking Day, started by art and design firm Rebar in 2005, encourages the transformation of on-street car parks into micro inner-city green spaces for use by the public. What’s the big idea? If you pay for a park, you should … Continue reading

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MÖBIUS: A Stop Motion Sculpture

MÖBIUS is a sculpture piece comissioned by The City of Melbourne for the State of Design Festival it was photographed and animated over two weeks in May 2011. The piece consists of 21 green triangles that can be configured into … Continue reading

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Public art installation – Melbourne, State of Design Festival 2011 Simone Bliss (TCL) and Philippa Abbott       Aim: To map positive social interactions in urban environments and create an illuminated form – representing connection, interaction and community. Introduction: … Continue reading

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I Will Stop Loving You by Malin Holmberg

Wonder how long those trees will survive…

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Farscapes: Centaurus A

via the Guardian What is it, Spock? Latest image of the elliptical galaxy, Centaurus A. Beam me up, Scotty! Well, if you have a spare 11 million light years up your sleeve… Assemble a landing party McCoy! Perhaps it’s best … Continue reading

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Did somebody say yarn bombing?

Hundreds of knitters around the world have begun wrapping their huge woolly creations around public property like trees, street signs and lampposts. They then take photos of their colourful “art” and post them on internet sites for fellow knitters to … Continue reading

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