IGA Berlin 2017 – Natur(ally) in the city!

Post 00_Former Tempelhof Airport_Site for IGA Berlin 2017TCL have been invited to design the Australian Display Garden that will form part of the International Gardens Berlin – Gardens of the World – Garten der Welt exhibition. We are delighted to be part of the international design team, so much so that we will be sharing the whole design process with you.

So check back with us weekly as the design unfolds…

IGA Berlin 2017 will present a new type of landscape discovery park as an unprecedented space where visitors can experience garden art, nature and landscape design as an integrated thematic and natural unit which is extended and enriched by offering games, sports and recreation as well as art and culture. In the context of an international landscape architecture competition in spring 2013, the new landscape discovery park is taking shape, encompassing the Kienberg and Wuhletal regions as well as the Gardens of the World in order to set up a striking, topographically very diverse landscape space offering high leisure and recreational value on more than 100 hectares.

IGA Berlin 2017


Site VisitPost #08 Exploring the site

Site Visit…

The various teams had a chance to explore the site and understand the existing relationships that are currently present.

Click on the image for a short video of the site.


Presentation 02Post #07 Presenting the Concept


Presentation of concepts took place in Berlin, where all selected designers convened to  bring forward their proposals for the International Garden Exhibition (IGA).


Post 06_Design ElementsPost #06 Cultivated by Fire

Design Concept…

Elements including charred poles, Eucalypt and Acacia seedlings, floriferous garden beds of Australian native plants and a walkable ground plane of crushed red brick reminiscent of the orange desert sands of desert and dryer regions of Australia will create the garden.

——-Post 05_cultivated by firePost #05 Cultivated by Fire

Design Concept…

The installation Cultivated by Fire abstracts and distils the practice of ‘Fire Stick Farming’ to create a mosaic garden composed of elements reminiscent of both the burnt and rejuvenated Australian landscape.


Post 04_RegenerationPOST #04 Cultivated by Fire

Sketch Design…

Landscape’s that have been modified or ‘cultivated’ by fire regenerate in mosaic like patterns as a result of this technique of varying ages.


Post 03_martu-hunterPOST #03 Cultivated by Fire

Design Inspiration…

‘Fire Stick Farming’. This sophisticated practice increases fertile growth providing an abundance of edible plants for the Indigenous people, as well as grasses for hunted wildlife like kangaroos and other marsupials.


Post 02_Banksia after FirePOST #02 Cultivated by Fire

Design Inspiration…

Banksia after fire. Banksia plants are naturally adapted to the presence of regular bushfires. Fire triggers the release of seed stored in the aerial seed bank — an adaptation known as serotiny.


KM_C454e-20150130185923POST #01 Cultivated by Fire

Sketch Design and the inspiration…

Cultivated by fire. Australia’s Indigenous people cultivate the land by fire, heat, smoke and ash enhancing abundance and fecundity’

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