Topos 87 – ‘Coastal Strategies’

Our climate is in a constant state of flux where the forces of nature are becoming increasingly unpredictable. Previously, we witnessed the effectiveness of megastructures such as barriers, dykes, dams, and many more as a means of protection. However with the heightening sense of uncontrollability these structures now lack a level of responsiveness to the ever changing conditions surrounding us. Climate change and other phenomena have led to the questioning of the existing approaches undertaken as risk management when it comes to extreme weather conditions. Adaptive and flexible systems are emerging as a response to these conditions.

Topos 87 – ‘Coastal Strategies’ explores these issues through a series of projects that identify multiple contemporary frameworks of dealing with affected coastlines.

Topos_87-737x492Topos_87_coastal_strategies_Mossop_Mississippi-737x492The swamps and wetlands of the Mississippi Delta are being destroyed by interventions like the logging canals seen here in the Maurepas Swamp.

The Future of the Dutch Coast

The National Coastal Strategy was launched to challenge sea level rise in the Netherlands. Atelier Kust­kwalitei (Coastal Quality Studio), investigate natural dynamics as an approach to improving the quality of the Dutch coast; for coastal defence and spatial quality.

Zandmotor vlucht-30 10-01-2012 foto: Rijkswaterstaat/Joop van Houdt

Competition Rebuild by Design

How can coastal landscapes serve as protective ecological infrastructure for growing cities? How can we measure, test, and ­rebuild these critical – and endangered – shallow-water ecosystems?

One of the winning proposals “Living Break­waters” for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) ­Rebuild by ­Design competition advances the ongoing ­exploration of the critical relationship ­between water, nature, and urban culture.


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