TCL wins the National Award for Research and Communication

all booklets cmyk 1As a profession landscape architects generally tend not to record the reasons for the success or failure of their projects to provide guidance for themselves or others in the future. Taylor Cullity Lethlean has recognized this and has instituted a dedicated research unit to capture and distil the lessons learnt, not only from their own projects but also from projects designed by other firms. More importantly they have generously set out to share their research with their colleagues in the landscape architecture community.

The research is carried out through a culture of staff involvement and involves alliances with fellow professionals and the medium through which it is disseminated is the Tickle series of booklets, of which five have been produced to date on topics such as Waterfronts and Streetscapes. These booklets are beautifully designed to present the material in a serious yet easily comprehended format, resisting the temptation to overcomplicate the data.

The jury commended TCL for this important contribution to the profession.

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3 Responses to TCL wins the National Award for Research and Communication

  1. Laith Wark says:

    Congratulations on the award! Well deserved for the effort and committment to research and communication.

  2. Tara Skakie says:

    Hello! and congratulations on the continued success. Would it be possible to have copies of these five booklets sent to me in Dublin please? My email below (printed would be preferred..I’m happy to pay for these and postage) Thanks in advance

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