Auckland Waterfront featured in TOPSCAPE

The project designed by T.C.L with Wraight + Associates (WA) for the Auckland Waterfront won the 8th Rosa Barba Landscape Prize at the International Biennale of Landscape Architecture in Barcelona. North Wharf Promenade and Silo Park proves how a redevelopment project in a former industrial site can champion a new design sensibility for landscape architecture.

064 auckland REV 041214_Page_1064 auckland REV 041214_Page_2

064 auckland REV 041214_Page_3064 auckland REV 041214_Page_4

064 auckland REV 041214_Page_5064 auckland REV 041214_Page_6

064 auckland REV 041214_Page_7064 auckland REV 041214_Page_8

The redesign convinced local authorities of the important symbolic value of the port’s historic activities, and the wisdom of prizing them as strong elements in the neighbourhood’s new vitality. Avoiding real estate speculation and a waterfront tourist complex in favour of lowering costs by reusing materials, maintaining context and structures, and catering to activities like fishing, are some of the design strategies that convinced the Rosa Barba jury chaired by Michael van Gessel.

TOPSCAPE #18: p64 – P71

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