‘Atmeture’, bringing architecture to life in the UK.

Located in Letchworth’s Broadway Gardens ‘Atmeture’ has been described as an “experiment in breath and space” by its creators Mathias Gmachl and Rachel Wingfield from Loop.pH. The installation explores a process that merges biological design elements with digital technology. “The approach recognizes architecture as a process and in a state of constant repair, and builds on the unique ability of textiles to flow, dissect and create configurable, flexible and adaptable environments,” Loop.p.H explain. The properties of the materials used adapt and respond to their surroundings which allows the public to experience a constantly evolving structure.

This structure is featured at the Fire & Fright Festival, which delivers a series of events ad interventions commissioned by onedotzero and Letchworth Garden City Council.

The event runs from October 28 – November 5 2014.


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