The Office Landscape – final year project by Nigel Reichenbach

What are the values of urban landscapes beyond nature and play?

The future of landscape architecture lies within the answer to this question, and the Office Landscape seeks to provide an alternative.

Think back to your last great weekend outdoors. Soon it’s a sunny Monday morning and you’re dreading going back to the office. What if you could enjoy the sun and work?

Enter Office Landscape.


The soon to be vacated Royal Adelaide Hospital site was seen as an ideal opportunity to explore the idea of an outdoor office landscape, providing a large post-industrial site on the edge of Adelaide’s CBD. Adelaide has a mild Mediterranean climate, with an average of 82 rain days and average temperature 12.2-22.3 degrees, making it appropriate for working outside.

The layout of the office field was inspired by the work of Team Quickborner in the 1960s, who created interior Office Landscapes. This was combined with Archigram’s No-Stop City, as a way to take the interior Office Landscape across the continuous outside landscape.


The Office Landscape needed interruptions, much the same as the landforms that stop the No-Stop City. Landforms were spread across the site and then subtracted to create courtyards and meeting spaces. Screens, planting beds and mounds further intersect the landscape, providing an intimate feel to a comprehensive complex. A large green roof canopy spreads across the site, providing covered office areas and more importantly, a continuation of the parklands above the site.

 The Office Landscape experiments with a landscape that is not just recreational, but occupational. It seeks to provoke new ways to use the landscape, to break out of the nature/play dichotomy, but most importantly of all to give all those office workers a better Monday morning.


final year project by Nigel Reichenbach-

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