Data rather than hermeneutics as design ideation. It is an approach known as datascaping, which is a reaction to the abstract and theoretical concerns of many contemporary architecture firms. However, this methodology has perhaps undergone limited progress. This is unfortunate since there are emerging studies and organisations (Urban Informatics, Senseable City Lab and The Mobile City) researching new forms of data that can be gained from ubiquitous technologies. Furthermore, our cities are now thick with information because of our fixation with social media. This project explores the use of social media data in the design of cities, proposed as the new Socialscapes.


The site is King William Street, chosen for its high availability of social media data and its potential to allow for dense urban growth. Starting with more traditional landscape analysis, it is discovered that there are five concentrated zones along King William Street that facilitates a vibrant city: food, nightlife, retail, recreation and culture. Then Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and WordPress were used to determine the different elements along the street that could support the growth of these concentrated zones.  In addition, photographic activity could be mapped out using Picasa, Google Earth & Maps, and Flickr, which demonstrates a way that pedestrians interact with the street. The combination of social media presence and photographic activity data then influenced the whole design outcome, including altering of the existing edge, creating new edges, promoting interaction with inactive facade, highlighting destinations, developing amenity nodes, and generating recreational mounds.


final year project by Enoch Liew-

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