Living Hats

Living Hats

TCL invite people to rethink the possibilities of gardens as a reflection of our relationship with nature. Using plants in the hat transforms it from being a single-purpose seasonal accessory into one that can become a living artwork to be nurtured for its lifespan.

IMG_2656         IMG_2650

Increased pressures to understand our environment call for a heightened awareness that as humans, we are not a distinct entity but inextricably linked. An understanding of plant’s adaptability to their environments led the design team to select a number of aerophytes (more commonly known as air-plants) which do not require soil and, as the name suggests can live in the air with minimal water consumption.


TCL’s approach to design questions the how as a culture, we constantly reinterpret our relationship with the environment. The hat challenges how we typically engage with nature on a day to day basis and highlights the blurring distinction between nature and culture.





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