London Olympic Park

London Olympic Parkland

1. An overview:

2. The landmark:

 All rights reserved by McTumshie

Photo: Copyright All rights reserved by McTumshie

I managed to find a flattering angle of Anish Kapoor’s ‘ArcelorMittal Orbit’ sculpture and lookout tower, which is certainly a structural engineering feat by Cecil Balmond. Kapoor’s intent was to create:

“…the sensation of instability, something that was continually in movement. Traditionally a tower is pyramidal in structure, but we have done quite the opposite, we have a flowing, coiling form that changes as you walk around it. … It is an object that cannot be perceived as having a singular image, from any one perspective. You need to journey round the object, and through it. Like a Tower of Babel, it requires real participation from the public” — Anish Kapoor

Well it’s definitely achieved landmark scale:

An initial sketch by Anish Kapoor. For more about the design & construction process go to:

The resemblance has been spotted!

And I do quite like Clo’e Floirat’s take on it, dubbed the “Awfultower”:

Drawings on the London Olympics by Clo'e Floirat

3. Remediation:

A fascinating description of the soil remediation that has taken place on what was an industrial wasteland of the East London, Stratford.

4. The demountable stadium:

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