Stage One of the Camberwell Grammar Junior Campus Playground

Stage One of the Camberwell Grammar Junior Campus Playground was officially opened last week much to the pleasure and excitement of its students.

Noelle and Cam with Jamie and Nick from Arterial went down at lunch time to see how the boys were using the playground and what the general vibe was.

They were thrilled to find the two cargo ships thriving with activity. The kids seemed overjoyed with their new precinct and the parents and staff both had glowing reports.

TCL undertook the project in collaboration with Arterial back in 2010. From the master plan the school decided to focus on the two playground precincts: The Years 1- Years 5 Cargo Ship Precinct and the Prep Playground Precinct.  Due to budget constraints the project is to be constructed over a two stage process. This marks the completion of the first stage.

TCL and Arterial are excited about their collaboration and satisfied the school has received an engaging and dynamic playground that will entertain the boys for many years to come. Roll on Stage Two!!!

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