AILA South Australia State Awards 2011

Victoria Square / Tarndanyangga Urban Regeneration Project – Adelaide, South Australia

TCL with Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, Aurecon Group, Bluebottle, Wallbridge & Gilbert, Design Flow, Cundall, BESTEC, Rider Levett Bucknall, Karl Telfer, Peter Emmett, Janet Laurence, Dr David Jones, Sonus, Dryden Crute Design, John Nowland Design, David Lock, HDS Australia, ATS, Cyclopic Energy

Award received: AILA SA Landscape Architecture Award of Excellence for Urban Design 2011

The Victoria Square / Tarndanyangga Urban Regeneration Project proposes a new urban form for Adelaide’s central square. Six hectares in size, the Square is the symbolic civic heart of the city and an important part of the central city and Grote / Gouger / Central Market precinct. The regeneration of the Square is based on the creation of a people focused heart for the city which facilitates community expression and supports

an extremely varied program. Its design has been borne out of an exploration of the exciting possibilities which environmental, social and cultural change present for contemporary urban life and our experience of public space. The project’s intent is to transform Adelaidean’s experience of the city; to celebrate the everyday while also being a venue for communal festivities.


The Victoria Square / Tarndanyangga Urban Regeneration Project:

  •  is the first fully endorsed plan for the Square in 40 years;
  • will return two hectares of bitumen roadway to the parklands and the people of Adelaide for pedestrian use;
  • will house Adelaide’s first public bicycle hub equipped with full locker, shower and café facilities;
  • will generate all of its own energy for lighting from a 257KW photovoltaic solar system;
  • will house a fully serviced event space capable of accommodating crowds of up to 8,000 people.

Artwork: Scott Hammerstein

Northern Expressway – Port Wakefield to Gawler, South Australia

The project was undertaken with Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure in collaboration with Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, Bluebottle, Robert Owen, Robin Eley and SMEC Urban.

Award Received: AILA SA Landscape Architecture Award for Design 2011

Taylor Cullity Lethlean was engaged in 2007 to assist DTEI in the preparation of a reference design for the urban and landscape design component of the Northern Expressway. Taylor Cullity Lethlean formed a team involving architects Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, lighting specialist Bluebottle, sculptor Robert Owen and illustration artist Robin Eley. All work was lead and managed by Taylor Cullity Lethlean. A highly collaborative process was undertaken with DTEI staff, particularly NEXY landscape architect Jordana Wilson. Extensive collaboration also occurred with environmental managers, structural and civil engineers.


  • Landscape architectural leadership of the design of all elements along the expressway
  • Integral role for landscape architects in the design and delivery of one of the State’s largest transport infrastructure projects
  • Creation with DTEI of a new benchmark in urban and landscape design for large transport infrastructure projects
  • Involvement as departmental advisor, with in-house DTEI landscape architect, throughout the design, tender and delivery phase of the project, thus allowing the vision and quality objectives of the reference design to be followed through into construction.

Photography: John Gollings

All images: John Gollings

Australian Native Garden – Adelaide Botanic Garden, South Australia

The project was undertaken with Botanic Gardens of Adelaide as parto of the Sustainable Landscapes program and in collaboration with John Nowland Design and Fifth Creek Studio.

Award Received: AILA SA Landscape Architecture Award for Design 2011

Image: Ben Wrigley

The Australian Native Garden at the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide is a South Australian Government Sustainable Landscape Project. It is a demonstration garden that showcases innovative and artistic ways of using water-wise non invasive Australian native plants in the domestic garden within the Adelaide region. The design follows the principles of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens Strategic Plan 2002 – 2005 in the areas of plant conservation and the living collections policy, sustainable horticultural and water use and enhanced community benefits involving cultural, recreational and tourism. It also follows the guidelines of the Garden’s Masterplan (Taylor Cullity Lethlean, 2006) with the addition of the native garden sited within the proposed precinct of other dryland and arid gardens. The design is site specific, working with existing conditions both within and beyond the garden and offering inspiration for South Australian gardeners.


  • The Australian Native Garden is unique in that it is a domestic scale garden in a public Botanic Garden setting, facilitating an educational garden.
  • Designed for Adelaide’s climate, the garden has been designed to minimise water use with the aim to use only rainwater collected from roofs of adjacent buildings for irrigation while being established, and to use little or no water once established.
  • The Garden aims to enhance public knowledge about South Australia’s diverse native plants and their uses in a domestic setting.

Image: Emily Taylor

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