AILA Victoria State Awards 2011

 National Arboretum, Canberra

Canberra, ACT, Australia

TCL with Tonkin Zulaikha Greer’s (TZG)

Award Received : AILA Victoria Medal for Landscape Architecture 2011

 In 2004 following devastating fires in January 2003 and inspired by Griffins’ vision for the National Capital, the ACT Government developed a proposal for an International Arboretum to be established on a 250 hectare site six kilometres from the centre of Canberra, at the western side of Lake Burley Griffin.  In 2004 the ACT Government held an international design competition and Taylor Cullity Lethlean (TCL) / Tonkin Zulaikha Greer’s (TZG) entry, 100 Forests / 100 Gardens was selected as a result of a two stage selection process.

TCL + TZG have subsequently been engaged for the detailed masterplanning and first stage implementation of this important National institution.

As of 2011 80 of the 100 forests have been installed, with detailed design occurring for major visitor facilities, including roads and paths, lookouts, visitor centre and gardens.

The vision for the Arboretum anticipates a viable public destination for the next 100 years. The masterplan is centred on creating 100 forests with the world’s most endangered tree species, interspersed with 100 gardens. This immense undertaking will be supported by a host of visitor, educational and research facilities.

image by John Gollings

image by John Gollings

Ensessakotteh Masterplan


 TCL with David Hancocks and Peter Stroud

Award received: AILA Victoria Landscape Architecture Award, Planning

Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity, active in and devoted to compassionate wildlife conservation and animal welfare. The Foundation takes action worldwide to protect threatened species and to stop individual animal suffering. In December 2006, in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, a meeting organised by the Wildlife Conservation Society was held to discuss ways to halt the illegal practice of capturing, holding and selling wildlife in Ethiopia. One of the meeting’s recommendations was that a facility be created to provide for wild animals that have been confiscated from trade or found orphaned or injured.

Taylor Cullity Lethlean, and consultants David Hancocks and Peter Stroud were engaged on a ‘pro bono’ agreement by Born Free Foundation in May 2010 to create a masterplan for a new Sanctuary, Ensessakotteh on a 77 hectare site, 23 kilometres west of Addis Ababa. Ensessakotteh (the word means ‘animal footprint’ in the Amharic language) is to serve as a wildlife rescue, conservation and education centre. Rescued wild animals are kept in enclosures, but in fundamental ways it is decidedly not a zoo. For example, the enclosures are not only very much larger than the spaces that zoos provide, but are also designed primarily for the animals’ needs, as opposed to the viewing needs of visitors. Ensessakotteh is primarily a sanctuary for wild animals in need.

Also for further information visit the Enssessakotteh Blog.

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