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Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden, Adelaide SA

A tribute to the pioneer women of South Australia, this small but significant garden was first unveiled in 1941, designed by Elsie Marion Cornish. Little has been written about early gardens and landscape designers in South Australia. The first to … Continue reading

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MÖBIUS: A Stop Motion Sculpture

MÖBIUS is a sculpture piece comissioned by The City of Melbourne for the State of Design Festival it was photographed and animated over two weeks in May 2011. The piece consists of 21 green triangles that can be configured into … Continue reading

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Episode 1 French Adventures – Versailles

Recently my travels took me to France, and over the next few weeks, I’ll be sifting through my 2000+ photos to post the favorites from the trip.  First is Versailles.  The must see Palace and Garden in the Paris region.  … Continue reading

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