Bundoora RMIT University Stage One Open

The first phase of the RMIT University Bundoora West Campus pedestrian spine is now complete. The design has been informed by the long term future development needs of the campus and is scaled to serve the potential growth of the Bundoora West campus.

The meandering pathways through the landscape will achieve an immersive entry to the campus with destination points at intervals along the way. The final path alignment for stage one provides a generous promenade to allow for a smooth flow of pedestrian and bicycle traffic and will successfully navigate students and staff through the campus. The design phase has also incorporated planning for the services easement underneath.  The paving is a high quality stone with a raised edge treatment, giving the path presence and definition in the landscape.

Stage one of the landscape has been driven by the new Lecture Theatre: Building 224, by Allan Powell Architects. The paving wraps around and encircles the lecture theatre, extending into the courtyard space. The single ground plane with a building protruding from it complements the architects’ intent to create a natural edifice sitting within the landscape.

Uphill the land envelops the building entrance, naturally forming an informal lawn terrace for students to gather, sit and recline on. It utilises the level change between the hub and the new lecture theatre and responds intuitively to the buildings curvaceous form. This space will provide a meeting and socialising space.  The first phase was officially opened on Thursday 28th of July 2011.

Text and photos – Elly Russell

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