National Permaculture Day – May 1st 2011

ABC Gardening Australia TV presenter, Josh Byrne, says he is thrilled to be patron of National Permaculture Day, May 1st 2011.

“Permaculture is practical, grassroots sustainability in action,” Byrne says. “It provides immediate tools for people to reduce their environmental footprint and build resilient communities.

“Permaculture is something that I have been passionate about for many years, since I was a teenager, and I try to apply it and promote it in my everyday life at home, at work and through the media.

“This is another great opportunity to help raise awareness of the benefits and accessibility of permaculture.”

Pyett says it’s time for people to change their lifestyles. “We chose Mayday because it’s a distress signal, and the planet is in peril,” she says. “This is a call for action but also a celebration of permaculture.”

National Permaculture Day has received a $19,715 grant from the Federal Government’s Caring for our Country program. All events will be free or by small donation.

To find an event near you, see

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