Singapore Biennale: Tiffany Chung, 2011, Floating into the future from a distant past

Singapore Biennale is on at the moment. The event is being showcased from three different locations around Singapore: Old Kallang Airport, Singapore Art Museum, SAM at 8Q, and Singapore National Museum.

Over the week, I’ll be adding some of the exhibited works on the blog!

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Title: Floating into the Future from a Distant Past

Artist: Tiffany Chung (1969-)

Chung is a Vietnamese artist who explores the opportunity for creating a sustainable floating community along the river Mekong. Her inspiration was drawn from the Floating Markets located in neighbouring Thailand.

She calls the process of creating these models arcology – the combination of architecture and ecology – and the models encompass housing typologies ranging from the simple to the gargantuan. And the product is an interesting intersection between western sustainable technologies (such as solar panels) and traditional southeast asian floating houses. Could this be the new floating civic for countries with labyrinthian river systems? Perhaps these floating economies could aid vulnerable communities which struggle with periodical inundation? And what does this change about our traditional interpretation of place and identity?

Esoteric matters aside, Chung’s work is incredibly detailed and her interest in mapping (shown in another work from the Biennale, One giant great flood 2050) can be found at the link to her artist profile.

**Apologies for the shaky shots, the artwork swings on a suspended perspex panel

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