Urban eye-CANDY

Candy Chang is the extraordinary brains behind a wide range of public art projects that challenge public space through the creative use of graphic design, installation and art.

Her latest work entitled “Before I Die” is the transformation of an abandoned house into an enormous chalkboard which invites passers-by to voice their life-long goals. Many of Chang’s projects are focused on converting empty and disused spaces into constructive ones, which in turn promotes public engagement and productive, brighter community spaces.

Chang’s idea for this concept stemmed from her wish to improve spaces for neighbourhoods. She says, “the messages you see in public space right now are mostly advertisements. If aliens landed today they’d think all we care about are sexy beers and fruity shampoos. I think our public spaces can better reflect what’s important to us as residents and as human beings.”

Similarly, “I Wish This Was”, is another of her projects that inspired community interaction. Chang provided residents of her neighbourhood with custom-made fill-in-the-blank stickers giving them the opportunity to voice their ideas on what should become of empty spaces surrounding them. This simple concept proved invaluable in its responses which revealed hundreds of imaginative ideas and dreams for a brighter neighbourhood.

All images via http://candychang.com/




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