Park(ing) Day – Adelaide 2010

The concept is simple – transform a city car parking space into a temporary park to reclaim it for public good. Park(ing) Day

2010 was Adelaide and Tickles’ first year participating in the annual worldwide event. Twelve local Adelaide design practices took over spaces around the city. The spaces varied from standalone sculptural pieces to showcases of sustainable practices.

Our approach was to harness our location near the markets, borrow from it and extend the thinking out onto the streets. In the theme of a ‘temporary space’ it had to be easily constructed with recycled or reusable materials and all materials taken away at the end of the day with no waste. Ultimately we wanted this space to have an ongoing message for the community that continued beyond park(ing) day.

These were big goals for our first park(ing) day! Whether it was to be successful or not we endeavoured to explore this line of thinking.


  • Reusable large and small storage bags
  • An abundance of succulents (thanks to the generous green thumbs @ TCL)
  • & an idea


The community were encouraged to engage with the site and literally deconstruct the installation for us. They were asked to take the installation home – a few stems of succulent plants each (an easily propagated and drought tolerant plant) and grow it in their backyards / window sill and then continue to share it with their friends and family.

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