Jan Gehl wants you to “Run MAMA Run!”

Image Source: Mike Licht at NotionsCaptial.com

Click here to listen to the BBC One Planet podcast from Thursday last week.

Episode synopsis:

We consider the case of the missing $40bn – the amount of cash being lost from developing countries every year to bribery and corruption, according to the World Bank. Plus, why are cities built for cars rather than people? Architect Jan Gehl takes us for a walk in central London.


In the podcast, Jan Gehl takes the One Planet host around central London to critique the way in which the road has taken over our cities. Special mention given to “Landscape Architects”. Hilarity ensues with the way that Gehl describes the typical urban pedestrian crossing experience.

The rest of the podcast is worth a listen too if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “What does administration fee mean?”.

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