Un-real Estate Kowloon

The only Chinese settlement allowed in British territory in HongKong was the over-saturated Kowloon walled city, once the most dense place of the planet.

Before its destruction in 1993, a Japanese team could map informal housing in the interior of this amazing maze, drawing a cross-section of this squatting paradise.

Having been aside by Chinese authorities, local mafias were only begged not to build over 15 floors. Brothels, opium smoking rooms, illegal hospitals and trashy eateries led to another standard Chinese-style public park today, after all dwellers were evicted by an economic compensation.

[Images 1,2> Kowloon walled city cross section via Zoohaus] [Images 3,4> views before destruction in 1993-94 by Ian Lambot via der Spiegel] [Image 5> current Kowloon city Park from googlemaps]

Story via http://www.deconcrete.org/

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