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Jan Gehl wants you to “Run MAMA Run!”

Click here to listen to the BBC One Planet podcast from Thursday last week. Episode synopsis: We consider the case of the missing $40bn – the amount of cash being lost from developing countries every year to bribery and corruption, … Continue reading

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Living Light (Seoul, 2009)

by David Benjamin

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One of the many….

The space between the shard and ACMI is ripe for something to elevate it from left-over to right-on (hahaha the wit is sharp on Sundays, it is). At the moment the trusty astroturf has been rolled out, complete with obligatory … Continue reading

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Un-real Estate Kowloon

The only Chinese settlement allowed in British territory in HongKong was the over-saturated Kowloon walled city, once the most dense place of the planet. Before its destruction in 1993, a Japanese team could map informal housing in the interior of … Continue reading

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